Friday, July 3, 2009

Down Economy Inspiring Creativity

When I first discovered Etsy, there were only about 1000 members, including buyers. Now there are over 160,000 sellers worldwide.

Can this be bad? Well, maybe for those who have been living on craft for years, competing with the newbies is tough, but maybe idle time inspires creativity.

I for one, was a commercial artist who lost my job as a lighting designer due to cutbacks. I went from designing tiffany inspired floral lighing to designing floral inspired eco-friendly jewelry. Although I am an artist, I wasn't really selling on Etsy before the economic downturn.

My delema, I live in a town where cost of living is managable. To continue in the lighting field, I would have to relocate and live even leaner than I do where I am at. So here I stay and sell on Etsy.

So the downside? So many sellers and not enough money for buying. The upside? Maybe with imagination, the artists and crafters of the world will find a new way to make the world work for us. I see it every day in the creative uses of upcycled and recycled materials.

Hang tight Etsyians, be creative, make our world a better place. If you have food and shelter and good health, isn't that all you really need? Share your craft, be the light in a darker world.

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Anonymous said...

Great post! We've moved to a more rural area and the creative energy here is amazing. I much prefer living with less income but having a richer life.

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