Monday, August 31, 2009


Here's your chance to win one of my MOST Popular Necklaces Custom Made for YOU

To win you have to do a little work.
go through all of 3 of my shops and choose your favorite item from each one.

Add your list of your three favorites to the comments in this blogpost to be entered. Please enter only once

Contest ends OCTOBER 1st I will randomly choose and announce the winner on OCTOBER 2

Don't forget to let me know how to contact you if yo are not a registered user!


Jaime said...

Love Moss Green Daisy Flame Sculpted Eco Felt Vintage Brass Necklace
Love Manzanita Root and Copper Earrings
and really Love Twilight Inspired Silver Chain Bella's Edward and Jacob Charm Bracelet
Copper Llama Studio

Anonymous said...

From akaCINDERS - I love this one:

From Cinderbox (great name btw), I like this:

From Cinderellascache - this is fun and the model photo is lovely:

Kuutydruk said...

First, it's so hard to choose, cause you have so beautiful creations. But the rules are to choose favorite item and here they are:
cinderbox -
cinderellascashe -

Jo Ashcroft said...

What a wonderful way to spend a few minutes! I LOVE your poppies so much but then I searched and found these three things as well

Crossing Time Steampunk Necklace with Vintage Beads- akacinders

Copper and Paprika Sewing Machine Key Necklace- cinderbox's shop

Strawberry Cupcake Love Charm Necklace- cinderellascache

Thanks for the chance to explore your stuff

LilithEvy said...


I like these:



And I'm Eve from

Thanks for this giveaway!

S and O said...

Ooh what a lovely giveaway!!! I hope I win:)

These are my faves:

DeShawn Marie said...

My favs are
Thanks for the great giveaway!!

Westwind Days said...

My favorites are:


BagsByColette said... the order of the shops as you have them listed.
#1 Midnight Vine Trashion
#2 Antique Key Necklace
#3 Corpse Bride charm Necklace

You can reach me on etsy
or twitter

Mandy said...

Cute stuff! I like the poppy necklace you pictured in this post from the first shop, this from the second, and this from the third

Anonymous said...

First pick: Sunflower Flame Sculpted Eco Felt and Necklace from akaCinders

Second: Turquoise Trio Draped Copper Chain Necklace from Cinderbox

Third: Little Devil Kuromi Kawaii Charm Necklace from CinderellasCache

Feel free to e-mail me at freshpaper[at]

Hope I win!

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