Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Cradle of Civilization?

The other night I was trying to watch a BBC special on Ancient Egypt, the Nile, and How the Ancient Egyptians developed around it. The narrator suggested that dependence and reliance on the Nile caused the Egyptians to stay status quo for centuries.

In my semi conscious mental state I wondered, are we like the Ancient Egyptians? Is the Internet like the Nile? I know that it provides my life needs, work and play. The internet is now a vital element of many lives. It provides financial support, socialization, and advice. I wouldn't have been able to wire my new outdoor GFCI without it.

So the question that has me wondering is, will it stifle our growth, the same way the reliability and constancy of the Nile, stifled growth in Egypt? Many parts of Egypt are as they were Centuries ago. Life is perfect and easy and who needs more.

Will we be satisfied with our virtual lives and friendships? Will we sit by our computers and watch virtual mountain climbers? Do we need to Tweet when we are on vacation with our families? Is Technology good or the opposite?

I'm really not sure. I only know that today, I am feeling like an Ancient Egyptian, watching the Nile flow under my fingertips.
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