Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Simpler Life

A New Year and a Fresh New Face to the Blog! Blogger has some great new templates. You like?

Took a few months off to do a little house cleaning and soul searching. That and mountains of work over the Holidays and the distraction of my visiting son.

I'd like to thank all of you who have sent out thoughts and prayers for my son. It seems new medication is making him feel better than he has in years (maybe that's because of your prayers). He is returning to North Dakota. Hopefully surgery will hold off for a while.

I recently read a post on unemployment, written by a woman who found happiness and peace and a total life change because of it. So instead of my planned post, I'll tell you about my Simpler Life.

As a Design Director and a Product Development Manager at fairly large lighting companies, I had a pretty hectic life. Sixty to Eighty hours a week with travel around the globe searching for new ideas and overseeing production. Sounds Romantic. Great pay, but those jobs left me little time to enjoy what I had.

Along came the recession and hormone changes and I just couldn't take the weight on my shoulders to do the impossible. I walked away from everything, at first opting to work freelance in China, and eventually opening my Etsy stores.

I don't have my big beautiful house, or for that matter most of my possessions. I bake my own bread and make my own bulk laundry soap. On rare occasion, when things get really tough,we go to the local food pantry. We have a lovely vegetable garden in the yard of relatives where we rent our tiny cottage.

We live in a very rural area, right on a small lake. Life is very simple. I share a bedroom with my 7 year old grandson. My only alone time is in the shower. But I honestly haven't been this happy and relaxed in years. I have time to spend with my family. I can take a walk whenever I feel like it and I can sit and watch the birds out of the window if I like.

When business is good I work like mad. I can put in a 14 hour day with no problem. When business is bad, I can just relax and enjoy life. I have no credit, so no major bills to worry about. I don't have much more than a roof over my head and the moon and the trees, and I love it that way. You wouldn't believe how wonderful simplifying really is.

I recommend you take a look around you and really evaluate what is important. Things are well, just things. Time is fleeting. Smell the flowers.


Pili said...

I think we all need to stop and think about how we are going through life or actually living and enjoying it!

42 things said...

Good and Good.

awesome blog post.

vintage eye said...

You sound all content & stuff...what's up with that? ;)

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