Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thank You Gifts

Do you give a little Thank you with every purchase? It's such a nice idea. I'm never really sure what to give. I have an Apron shop, but to give away something sewn is a lot of work for a small thank you. To make a piece of Jewelry for my jewelry shop is a bit much too.

I see some sellers give pieces of candy, that's nice, but not everyone eats candy. I used to give those magnetic business cards, but I never really felt comfortable with people wanting to put a magnetic version of my business card on their refrigerator. Not so pretty.

Thanks to a team members suggestion, I finally got a great idea. There's that team thing again. I can't begin to stress how helpful they can be. I decided to make a nice magnet with a nice saying, instead of just my business card. I have a few of my flowers from my jewelry, a saying that relates to my product and my web address subtly added to the bottom. Voila! something my buyer might want to keep. I got them made at Vista Print for a reasonable price too.

I searched around for something nice and inexpensive for my Apron shop too. I decided to get printed pencils made with my web address. Cute, practical and purchased from Oriental Trading at about $.25 each. They printed and shipped in ONE DAY! Now I am all set to give nice little Thank Yous.

Handmade Thank Yous are very nice. I like the tiny refrigerator magnets, or make up samples. But when that is not practical for your shop, consider a nice alternative.


Alecia said...

Thats a great idea! I have been sending short handwritten thank you's. But I really like the magnets!

Pili said...

You suggested some great things, but I really like your ideas for lil thank yous! It's really nice for a buyer to get a lil thank you for buying thingy, even if it's only a note!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic idea! It looks great. I always wanted to do bookmarks in my hand made shop but didn't know if people would think it was lame. I use mine every day.

akaCINDERS said...

I think Bookmarks are a wonderful Idea. People use them for a lot of things, even in the kitchen. I'd love it.

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