Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I love that word. So very descriptive of the walks my mind can take. I've done a lot of things in my life, seen a lot. There is a mind packed with experiences that can take me around the world.

I was thinking about this stalker I had on Twitter, who did something to interfere in my life. Thought they could force me to make a decision, and I didn't meander the direction they wanted me to. It reminded me of a stalker I had briefly in High School. A 20 year old student had an instant crush on me. He was attractive, but the getting into trouble, failing, way to old, scary kind of kid you want to keep away from. He asked me for my phone number and I actually gave it to him. He really scared me.

That night he called me, talked to me about what he liked to do and random things. We talked for hours. Mind you, I really just ran into him in the halls, and basically met him that day. We had a very large high school. He ended the conversation with "I'll see you tomorrow, I have a surprise for you"

I didn't sleep all night. I couldn't go to school. I had a bad feeling about it, a sense that it wouldn't be good. I'm sure I looked like hell so my mom let me stay home that day.

I never saw him again. When I got to school the following day I heard that he was expelled for bringing a gun to school. He pulled it out and played Russian Roulette with one of my classmates. Fortunately no one was hurt. Fortunately that sixth sense or maybe my guardian angel told me to stay away, because I'm sure the gun was meant for me.

Our lives are meandering streams that takes us here and there, sometimes dropping us off at the most beautiful places, the hardest places and sometimes whisking us to the oddest places we can imagine. I'm hoping I meander a little bit more. There are still things I want out of life. I hope my mind meanders to the place I need to find a way to get there.

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