Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's Daffodil Time

I finished turning more than half of the Garden, broke down the compost bin and moved it to a better location. I always leave it right in my garden, because the decomposing food and garden wastes work great to add nutrients to the soil. It's a great place to plant tomatoes around, but I think I'll plant them where the compost bin was last year.

Moving the bin was a little tricky, because I had to keep only the bottom, decomposed compost and had to move the fresher compost back to the bin. Our garden in on a hill, so I put the bin at the highest end, so nutrients will flow down in the rain. Smart huh? Last year was the first year, and I had to rush the garden, no time for real planning.

The garden is almost ready for planting, and if the clouds break, I plan on spending another lovely day out in it today. Maybe I will even get out my onion sets and plant my potatoes in the canvass bags. Lettuce and peas should be planted now too, but my beautiful big tomatoes and peppers will have to wait a few weeks.

We have crocus up and the daffodils are just about ready to pop. The lilac bush and Cherry tree have a long way to go though. Not like DC where the Cherry Blossom festival waits. Hope I get there some day.

I'm really excited about the flowers. We don't have a lot in the yard, but we have a few. I'm going to try to get a few more this year. There are a lot of perennials down at the lake and we are just a few yard walk away from it.

Hope you get a chance to work in the Garden today. It's a wonderful way to refresh and revitalize after the long dark Winter.


Anonymous said...

Great idea for the tomatoes! Our best full sun spot is on a grass sliver along the driveway so we put in and are increasing the size of a raised bed (make w/found bricks) there. They get lots of sun and heat and reward us for it! Enjoy your garden.

Judy said...

It's still to wet in my flower and veggie garden to do any work but maybe next weekend. I can't wait to get my hands dirty.

vintage eye said...

I miss my lilacs! They don't grow down here.... :(

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