Friday, April 1, 2011

Obsessed with Totes

I've suddenly become obsessed with bags and totes. Poppy made some cute NKOTB clutches to sell on eBay and I want to make those so I ordered 100 zippers. That should be enough! I made a bunch of Totes that we will be listing soon too.

I also saw these great HUGE Beach Bags that MaidenJane has on her Etsy site. She has a Tutorial for them on Her Web Site. She is so awesome. I just had to make it. I tried it out of some polyester fabric I got really cheap from Walmart. Yes we still have fabric at our Walmart and we still have some for $1.50 a yard. 

I made them with Grosgrain ribbon, because they match and I just felt like it. It turned out so cute.

Then I thought, wow, I just love Ikea bags, wonder if I can make a "cute" one of those. So I measured my Ikea bag and made my own pattern. I used the same material, because for some reason I thought I could use it for something and bought a lot of it. If you want to see the original click here "Ikea Bag" They are great and the best deal on anything for the price.

We use them for laundry, groceries, hauling packages to USPS, you could even pad it and put your baby in it for a soft cradle. They are durable and strong. But not always so cute. So here is my version. It has the double straps, short for grabbing and long for carrying on your shoulder. But I'd have to charge more that $.59 for it. I'm not Ikea after all.

My next project is a Purse. I'm going to start on it tomorrow, along with a lot more totes and clutches. I told you I was obsessed. I have some great fabric I picked up at Walmart. I'll let you know how everything turned out.


Jane said...

Oh it is adorable! I love the polka dots (of course!) I will link bank and/or share a photo on my blog if you'll allow I now understand what the IKEA bags are. I am going to (when, I do not know) make a similar bag for my laundry bag. I'm tired of scraping my knuckles and trying to balance the basket when I turn on the lights, so I'm going to make a big rectangular bag out of one of my coffee sacks. I'm going to line it with a detachable canvas (so I can wash it.) And I'm going to fuse Timtex to the coffee sack to stiffen it. I look forward to being able to sling in on my shoulder! Great inspiration!

Anonymous said...
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KalliAllison said...

Hi there! I have been thinking about sewing a large tote bag to use as a carryon bag for flying. I really like the shape/size of the ikea bag, and love your version with a cute fabric. I think I will make one out of canvas. Do you have any suggestions like whether to line it or add a zipper?

akaCINDERS said...

I love the Ikea bag because it's open, but I use it for laundry, shopping, and holding large amounts of fabric. I think that I would want it to close if I used it as a carry on. Lining would be nice too. I would like a water resistant lining, in case of spills.

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