Saturday, May 28, 2011

5 Things I like About Artfire

I was propositioned by Artfire to try to get you to join. They tempted me with an offer of $500 in merchandise at a shop on my choice. Pretty tempting (Can I buy from my own shop Artfire? lol)

But I REALLY like Artfire. They want me to tell you my top 5 Reasons for liking it. Tough to choose. For instance go to and search eco felt flowers look at what pops up on the first page. MY flower jewelry. And if you search Rainbow Brite Apron? Well if it isn't my Apron at my Artfire shop.

For those of you who have moved form Etsy, like I did. It's a whole different world on Artfire. If you relist, critical links are broken. You have to learn a new way of thinking. But once you do, WOW.

I've recently found lots of shops that sell just as much on Artfire as shops on Etsy. And now that I get the game, I'm selling there too.

OK 5 things I like.

Forums: I used to hate forums on Etsy, unconstructive, mean spirited and always afraid some admin will silence you if you speak out, or worse yet, shut down you shop. Forums on Artfire are wonderful, helpful and self moderated. A member can put you in time out,but why. We're all nice here.

Pro Tools: There are so many wonderful features, it's hard to choose. I love global merchandiser. You can change price, promo tags, shipping and more on all, all in a section or any individual items. Or you can create coupons or put your merchandise on sale in the blink of an eye. Just to name a few.

Rapid Cart: I can put a little store anywhere I want. Look at my shop tabs in this blog. You can put them on blogs, websites your other Artfire shop (they allow that) or anywhere you can add HTML

Artfire Kiosk for Facebook: Look! I can sell on Facebook too. Here is my akaCINDERS Kiosk

Links: Artfire doesn't care if you link your other shops, your blogs, your Facebook, or even your website. In fact, they encourage it. You can even link your Etsy shop and show items you've sold there in you Gallery.

And I almost forgot, the BEST thing, no additional fees. No listing fees, no sales percentage. Just one flat monthly rate. Seriously! I get to keep more of my profit.

And did I mention that your buyer does NOT have to be a member to buy! Told you there was more than 5 things to like.

If you join Artfire and use this link HERE I get a free month and you get your third month free. Then you can refer a friend and they can refer a friend and soon we will grow to be the most awesome selling site on Earth!


Poppys Wicked Garden said...

There are definitely more than 5 things I love about Artfire! So happy to have found a home there:)

Pili said...

I think I need to start shopping more on Artfire!

Cmarie said...

I am really happy so far with Artfire. Etsy just closed my shop over something that was very unfair. They claimed I have multiple shops since I logged on my friends shop to help them list things , once in a while. Etsy claimed it was my shop too a *collective* as they call it. I didnt know their were Borgs on Etsy. When we both refuted the accusation both shops closed with no email no notice and a very unhelpful live chat. So long Etsy. Its happening too much there and I can see Artfire taking its place.

Awesome post

akaCINDERS said...

So sorry that happened Cmarie. I am sure you are allowed to have more than one shop and even collectives, ad I know several sellers who do. Etsy is using excuses to remove shops they don't like or vocal sellers. Used to be a great place.

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