Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 17 Giveaway - 6 Months Ad Space

Does this look familiar? Well this one is even Better. 6 months of Ad Space. Look barleecreations won and she already has her ad posted. Click on it and go right to her shop.

Remember to follow the basic rules posted HERE. And your task will be to do something nice for a stranger and post what you did in the comments. Crazy right? I'm just that kind of girl. Go to someones shop and Tweet of FB comment about how much you like what they have. Look at a blog you've never read and leave a nice comment, or even buy something from a new seller.
And remember. You MUST follow this blog to win.

Good Luck and Congrats to Thursday's Winner

Due to the Big Blogger snafu (that was Blogger Down for over a day) and the fact that they lost all of Thursday's posts, I had to delay the contest and announcements. The winner of the May 12th Gardening Set is Laura.

I will be announcing Friday's giveaway and Monday's giveaway winners Wednesday and I think we will just about be caught up as long as Blogger doesn't have another breakdown.


Kelly said...

Hello! What a great giveway. I'm also on Artfire. :) I'm now following you via GFC. I was already a FB fan.

I repost and retweet other's posts all the time...did a couple this morning.

Hope you'll stop by, look around and say "Hi".

Have a great week,

Coupons, Crafts and Causes
Coupons, Crafts and Causes - Facebook
Indiana Inker
Indiana Inker - FB

Catherine said...

Great give-away! Have been following you for a bit now. Tweet new things every day - so many wonderful artists out there! - and also share on FB :) Love promoting other artists!

Melissa Lynn D said...

I would love some ad space!
This doesn't have anything to do with anything online, and it was before I even read this post, but there was a man in front of me in line for checking out movies at the library. He apparently had some late fees, but he didn't have any cash with him, and you have to have your late fees paid up before you can check anything else out. I paid his late fees for him, so he could take his movies home.


barleecreations said...

My act of kindness is that I tweeted an ArtFire store(Warpology) that hadn't had a sale yet.


That would be cool if they get a sale out of this!

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