Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May 25 Giveaway - Three Months Ad Space

I Swear if I ever decide to do a Month of Giveaways again somebody just shoot me. Really! I've been composing these late at night when I should be relaxing. What is relaxing again?

Anyhow, if you are looking for some free ad space this giveaway is for you. The last 2 winners are reaping increased hits already.

What can you do to win? Well you have to be a follower of this blog and follow the basic rules HERE and this time you have to be on my mailing list. If you aren't, it's easy to sign up over there ------> Also recommend me to your friends. Facebook, twitter, blog whatever. Just post all the work you've done to win the Ad Space in comments.

So if you don't win, cheer up. You can Earn some Ad Time by being a Guest Blogger. Details Here.

And now the Winner. Drum-roll please. The winner of the Cherries Jubilee Apron is Autumn Kitty.

Come back for more fun tomorrow.


vintage eye said...

I signed up! Does that make me a stalker?? ;)

Sarah said...

alright awesome lady, i've done it all! following the blog, on the email newsletter list, following you on twitter, tweeted the giveaway, facebooked the giveaway and put up a billboard of your face in my front yard.

ok, ok. the last one didn't really happen. but only because i'm poor. hence the NEEEEEEd for some free ad space.


Anonymous said...

I can't compete with a sign in the front yard, but I did Tweet this and am signed up. : )

Kyla said...

Has this contest already ended? I am a new follower and also subscribe to your newsletter. I hope I win!! I'm gonna go check out your Guest Blogger Details.

Kyla Kreates

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