Thursday, May 5, 2011

May 5 Giveaway Little Momma Erin - Take Two Skate Shop Key Tag

Erin makes some of the cutest things on Etsy. She makes Geeky Pins, magnets and other really cute stuffs at Little Momma Erin. And she has The most Awesome things made out of recycled Skateboard Decks at Take Two Skate Shop. You would love her stuffs.

So take a Trip to One of Erin's shops and tell me what you like there. Leave a comment. You can even describe her awesome banner, but be original for goodness sake. Don't copy someone else's comment, cause I'll know if you did ;)

Don't forget the basic rules HERE. And I'll see you again tomorrow for a Really BIG prize and a bit harder task to win it.

Congratulations to Bonnie who won the Rainbow Brite Clutch.


Jane said...

I've been a fan of her Take Two Skate Shop - so original! I think my son would like this

Little Momma Erin has too many cute things to mention just one!

Thanks for the fun this month!

Biting Gnome Baubles said...

i like the stranger necklace, but personally i'm partial to her coasters(not in the shop right now)....but i bought some for my brother in law for his birthday! pure radness!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I like the recycled skate deck pin, but my fave is the blue flame necklace that is pictured in her banner, because I have it!!! :D

kalliope kreations said...

I love all of her shops! My favorite item from Take Two Skate Shop is this blue and black necklace:

Cynthia said...

I love the Evil Dead necklace. My son is a skateboarder so we go through a lot of decks. Too fun

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