Saturday, June 18, 2011

Biz Buzz - Big fish in a Little Sea or Little Fish in a Big Sea

There is a new seller site that opened this week. It's called Groove Press and not that anyone is selling there yet, but for some reason I really liked the vibe so I am setting up a shop there.

Since I have opened the shop, I have been on the front page constantly, because there are so few sellers. I have sold on eBay, Etsy, Artfire and the bomb (not in a good way) site Zibbet, and I have never received so much attention. Although my Etsy Treasuries and Artfire Collections have been on the Front Page, and I have been in the Etsy Finds and Artfire Collection of the Day, I still have not had the constant exposure that I am having on Groove Press.

Of course no one knows about Groove Press yet, so no one is really buying from them. But there was a time when no one knew about Etsy either. I just have a gut feeling about this site. I think they are moving in the right direction.

Groove Press is not fully functional yet either, there are quite a few little glitches so I've had to write them every day to help point out some of the problems. Their customer service at this time, is fantastic. they auto respond immediately and I get a real response within the day. Of course they don't have a lot of people to respond to right now.

So because I have been trying to help them with little things they might have overlooked, they have promised to make me a featured seller soon. So here is my question, is it better to be a Big Fish in a Little Sea, getting a lot of exposure on a little noticed site, or be a Little Fish in a Big Sea like Etsy or eBay and get very little to no Front Page time and be almost invisible?


mary me said...

I am so curious to see how other sellers respond to your post. I say go all out to make the best of your Groove Press!!! Instinct usually pays off!

AKA Stellasblossoms

Crooked Smile Creations said...

Good question. So far I have been the little fish in the big sea at Etsy and Artfire and sales have been few and far between.

Groove Press said...

Hi Cinders,
Thank you for your kind words.

Who is Groove Press?
You guessed it. We actually are artists; we’re approachable, professional and passionate about what we do. We value a strong work ethic, never shy away from a challenge, and surround ourselves with like minded individuals. Our artistic approach to art and handmade design means we value forward thinking and collaboration. Our mission is to help you grow your brand.

Your Success is Our business.... The possibilities are endless!

Best Regards,
Ricki Mountain
Founder- Groove Press

akaCINDERS said...

Thanks Ricki. I really look forward to growing with you. Maybe someday I'll be a Big fish in a Really Big pond.

Pesky Cat Designs said...

It seems to me that each situation, big fish, little fish has it's benefits and disadvantages. But it's nice to know that anytime someone goes to Groove Press they are bound to see your work. Sounds like great odds to me!

vintage eye said...

You are a big fish in any pond Crusty! :) Good luck with your latest venture!

Jane said...

I would like to learn more about it. I would say it is good that you are standing out among the "little fish" - it says a lot about who you are and your products. I am a little fish on Etsy who has never made it to the front page. I'm not sure what any of that means.

Sarah Knight said...

Sounds interesting : )

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