Saturday, June 25, 2011

Biz Buzz - Christmas in July

Well it's almost my favorite time of the year (not) Time to pull out the Red, White and Green rugs, Jewelry, Table Covers and promote, promote, promote, all things winter that no one really gives a damn about this time of year. That's not entirely True, the Southern Hemisphere is experiencing Winter now (you know Australia etc) and I'm SURE they need to be reminded.

I am talking about the worse marketing scheme EVAH - Christmas in July. There is a long history of Christmas in July starting in 1892, but I won't go into it, you can read about it on Wikipedia.

Christmas in July conjures up images of Santa on the Beach, catching waves with his elves, and the Mrs. Reading her Romance novel.

I hear that Christmas in July is enjoyed in New Zealand, because they don't get to celebrate Christmas in the Snow, like we do. Whopee.

Not that I don't want to think about snow or have a tall cool drink while I'm at the beach, but I really don't want to sit there, wearing a Red and Green striped bathing suit and Snow Man earrings, because people are just going to think I'm Freddy Krueger in Drag.

Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas in December, but seriously, do you think that many people want to spend the whole month of July sitting by the TV watching what QVC has to offer in the way of "Holiday Previews"? Summer is for Fun in the Sun!

I know all the seller sites are promoting "Christmas in July" but can't we be a little more creative and original? Maybe there is a reason that sales are down in July and way up in December - NO ONE WANTS CHRISTMAS IN JULY!!!!!

Come on all you wonderfully creative people. How about Summer Sizzle, or Hot Deals - Cool Creations. You think of something better...PLEASE... and post it in the comments. Maybe we can start a Handmade Revolution. NO MORE CHRISTMAS IN JULY.


Catherine said...

THANKS YOU!!! Am so glad someone else feels this way! "Christmas in July" - UGH! You bet I always feel all Christmas-y in the unbearable heat and humidity of a Low Country summer. Love the idea of a revolution!

Silver Sky Designs said...

AMEN! I love Christmas, but absolutely hate what retailers have done with the Christmas in July thing. I see it as a sign of desperation (as in, I'm not getting any sales so I'm going to remind you of Christmas and hope that gets you in the spending mood!)and just another gimmick.

I know many sellers will be promoting Christmas in July because it's THE thing to do, but I'm with you on the revolution! Summer Sizzle is a much more suitable slogan for July sales and promotions, in my opinion!

Pili said...

There's no such thing as Christmas in July over here in Spain, just the summer sales and in the tourist areas a lot of business from the tourists. If you tried to tell one of us to think about Christmas in July, they'd look at you as if you'd gone mad!

akaCINDERS said...

Pili, I'm assuming that our Christmas in July marketing does nothing for most of our international Customers then. We really need to think of them too. Thanks for the input.

autumnkitty said...

Last thing I want to deal with during Summer fun is Christmas. I'd rather be hanging out on the beach with a margarita in 1 hand & a surfboard in the other. ;)

You won't see me parked in front of the tv staring at the shopping channels oohing & ahhing at Christmas stuff. No thanks.

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Since I have been TV-free for almost a year I am clueless to all the commercials and advertising. Thank goodness!

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