Friday, July 15, 2011

Bits and Pieces - Life in a Pickle Jar

To start, I'd like to say that the winner of this lovely Maiden Jane Tote is Birdhouse Books. Congrats!!!

I wish that I had spent this week at the beach. This picture reminds me of how relaxed my life could be if I lived on the lake. Before I go into my week, I'd like to remind you all that I take the hits that life gives me in stride. I don't cry or get too upset, because I know there will be better days. Life is just life.

I watch the news and see all the people standing in lines for jobs or housing and that makes me sad. Because some people are not prepared to live in tiny houses or worse yet, their cars. We are resilient and I think of this part of my life as just another adventure. 

Now on to the adventure that is my life. 

Monday we were getting ready for my DS to arrive. Moving fabric buckets to make room for his suitcases and cleaning the house and the sofa he's to sleep on. Shedding season and the dog thinks it's hers. 

I told Kris to call the Hospital to make sure that the surgery was still on, as he hadn't received any information from them. They told him that unless they got confirmation from medicaid that he will be having medicaid, they will not operate. 

This is after we had made all of the arrangements because his DR assured him that there would not be a problem and to come to Cleveland and they will get everything done. Kris spent hours on the phone talking to the Dr, the hospital, and social services. 

Basically because Social Services denied him (which they almost always do the first time you apply)  Kris is considered by the State of North Dakota to not be disabled even though they have a stack of papers from his Drs that say he is. They are also aware that if he does not get the surgery, his heart will be permanently damaged. But they say their hands are tied until the appeal to his Social Security case goes through. 

So until he gets approved by Social Security, he has to pray that his heart doesn't get worse. He has a priliminary appeal in August. Hope it gets pushed through. 

Then there was the plane ticket that was donated. I had Kris call the airline and they were so nice. they changed it to an open ended ticket for a year at no extra fee. One good thing.

Now we just have to wait unless the Dr can talk them into taking Kris earlier.

That was a rollercoaster ride. But that wasn't all. We had a cat that was fairly old and he was fighting a bad skin fungus. We were treating him but it wasn't going well. We were actually considering putting him down, but thought we'd give the medicine a chance. Then he disappeared and we thought he just went off somewhere to die. We found out that the crazy old neighbor next door (the one whose son attacked Poppy's husband for listening to Brittany Spears) took him to the vet and had him put down. Then she asked our other neighbor to pay for it because she thought it was her cat. 

So this has been why I haven't been posting so much on this blog, and why I haven't been on twitter much. My head is spinning this week. I'm sure I'll be back to normal soon.

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vintage eye said...

Whatever will never be normal! ;) I am keeping my old arthritic fingers crossed for a speedy & positive outcome!

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