Monday, July 18, 2011

Life on Mars - A Teeny Cottage Get a Little Teenier

Well We got some wonderful news this week. Poppy and her Baby are NOT moving into the other house, so our house just got a little smaller than it already was. No place to even put the new crib poppy found this weekend (well - not exactly new).

There is this teeny 8' x 10' Bedroom that holds Poppy's bed, a dresser, Most of Poppy's fabric and a closet full of sewing machines where we sew. No room for a baby there. And then there is this really large 10' x 10' (sarcasm) bedroom that holds the Dink's bed and my bed (sofa), my jewelry supplies and a closet full of my inventory and fabric.

Obviously there is no room for a crib unless...... And I was going to get the small bedroom all to myself. But now I get the Even larger living room all to myself, well not really all to myself, BECAUSE IT'S THE LIVING ROOM.

Now I have to get rid of the only furniture I had left from the fire. The sofa and the recliner, so I can move my futon bed into the living room. Did I tell you that some of the bars broke off of the bottom and I had to fashion a sling out of rope so I don't fall through to the floor. More concerned about my jewelry supplies under it than my butt though.

Now that I am out on the Sofa that leaves 2 options for the bedrooms. Either Dink moves into Poppy's Bedroom with all her fabric, and Poppy and Baby Luna move into the bigger room (much more work and rearranging), or Dink shares his room with his baby sister. We left it up to him. Even though we warned him that the baby could be crying all night, he wants to share the room with his sister. She has to leave the room the Key Lime Pie color though, no pink walls. She can have pink clothes and bedding. This will be Hot Pink with Black.

Grandma W just about had a cow when I told her that Poppy is making black clothes and bedding for the Baby. She repeated the word Black so many times I lost count. "Black? really black? I never heard of black for a baby. Black? Black? really? Black?"

I really don't mind sleeping in the living room. Everyone goes to bed about the same time. I was sleeping in the living room on the sofa when I had my own apartment. I toss around too much on a big bed so I need to confine myself. I just need a space where I can make my jewelry. We need to redesign that living space too.


vintage eye said...

That offer of a space in one of my sheds still stands Crusty! ;)

Pili said...

I hope you guys can find a way to rearrange things so everyone can be comfy!

And hot pink and black is amazing for a baby girl!

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