Monday, August 1, 2011

Life on Mars - Looking Back

Just because I love you and I know Poppy (well maybe I) never show our faces really, I thought I'd let you get a look at us. Well that's us, circa 19cough, cough cough. Well it had to be just a few years ago, I'm sure, because I think I look about the same. Aren't those shades in style now too?

I think we were at Six Flags in Georgia. The time we were filmed to be on the Dukes of Hazzard but it never made it live because of a writer or actor strike or something like that. Or it could be at Cedar Point, but I think I wore that sexy little outfit in Georgia.

Look! Poppy was an animal lover even then. Not sure but I think I may have made that lovely outfit she was wearing.

Here is a picture of my DS Kris on his wedding day. He looks Happy doesn't he? I can't really show his bride, because her father went to a great deal of expense getting their marriage annulled after they had been married for 3 years. I didn't even know you could do that. I guess for the right money you can do anything. So technically my son was never married. Although I have pictures to prove he was.

He was really scrawny then. He put on some weight. That's why they called him dental floss.

I was cleaning today and found a box of old pictures. Started remembering the past a bit. Things are actually simpler now. When you have little, you have so little to loose. (insert smiley face)

I read the Aries horoscope for this August. It said that Aries born on March 27th (seriously, my birthday) would have wonderful opportunity for romance the first half of the month if they get out of the house and make themselves available. I guess that means I go for a walk, or maybe if you know a single old guy that wants an overweight, snarky, cynical, but lovable old broad.....


vintage eye said...

Hubba sexy thang you! You need to go trolling for dates at the grocery into them with your cart...I hear that works. ;)

Pili said...

It's nice seeing pics of you guys, even if they're old! ;)

Jane said...

This is so much fun to see a bit of your personal side - and face! You hot Momma! I want to say that hippo was at CP, but I don't think those benches were, so I think you may be right.

You need to get out more....I'm always going out - you can join up...I think you should go back to your roots - hang out at Brat. Place - you may find a rich, soon-to-be-dead man!

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