Monday, September 26, 2011

Life on Mars - Port-a-Potty and Sponge Bath

Well it's not really a port-a-potty, it's really a bedside commode (look it up). That's what I had to use last week while we were waiting for the floor install in the one bathroom we have.

I'm a little late with this post, because I not only had to get my packages ready, but had to label Poppy's, because she has so much sewing to do. That and laundry and dishes. This is not the ideal time of year for us to gut and install a new bathroom, but this is when we have the cash to buy what we need.

Poppy's DH decided that we were doing it last week. He assumed we would get it all done in one day. I have lots of experience and I knew better. I'm really glad though that he was so optimistic, because I would have kept procrastinating if it was me. We bought supplies and he and his brother went at it.

Good we decided to put in a new toilet, because the old one burst into pieces as his Bro, the Hulk, pulled it off of the floor. It did, however take them two days to figure out how to get the tub out. It was cast iron, very heavy and part of the walls were built around it. Ugh!

The first night was when we had to use the commode. I was so glad we had that to borrow. At least it's kind of like a toilet. We would have had to put the old toilet seat on a large popcorn tin if not.

The next day we got half the floor in and I was able to put in the real flush toilet after I drywalled behind it. Then DH had to go back to work so the rest was on hold. And he thought he could get the whole thing done on his three days off.

I did manage to put in the rest of the floor and clean everything up myself. But there is no bathroom sink or tub yet. The kids and Poppy are showering next door, but I prefer to sponge bath, not really liking their bathroom and I often actually enjoy doing things primitively on occasion, just to prove to myself that I can survive without luxury. You throw my sorry butt on an island and I'll let you know that I could survive. I don't need no stinking reality show to know I'm a survivor.

We should be back in service on Wednesday. All things going as we hope, we should have the tub in and at least be able to take a bath. Shower will need Drywall and the wall finish. We've decided to put up beadboard with Spar Varnish. Easy, durable and cute.

Our bath was so very horrible that I just can't wait to see the new room finished. I'll let you see some during and afters in a future post. NO BEFORES! That would be just too scary.


Jane said...

Aw darn, I'd love to see a before and after! I'm impressed, as always! I "think" I can survive without much luxury....but ask me that when I'm without a computer for 10 minutes!

vintage eye said...

Love the bead board idea!I would never vote you off the island Crusty! ;)

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