Monday, October 3, 2011

Life on Mars - Progress?

Thought I'd share some of my bathroom pics with you. It's going as slow as I thought it would, but much slower than Poppy's DH thought it would. I do have a little more experience though. He wanted to do the whole thing himself, but I told him as long as he did the gutting and the heavy lifting, I'd finish the rest.

I think if he would have tried to solder the bathtub faucet pipe he would have quit, because for some reason the old 1/2" pipe is slightly smaller than the new 1/2" pipe. I'm sure copper doesn't shrink with age, does it? The fittings are not tight enough to sweat the solder. I thought I lost my touch, but not my fault.

While I work on a permanent fix, I put on the faucet sideways as you can see in the picture below. Cute eh? But we can bathe, or can we?

Not a perfect world, but it works. It drips a teeny bit, but there is a hole that goes to the ground under the house, no basement. As a matter of fact, some of the cats sneak down there now that it's open. I think they think it's a nice potty. Hope I get them all out before I put the wall back. I'll have to do a head count.

Well now there are some drain problems. The tub was a great deal. It was a display. I guess I didn't notice, because I didn't put the tub in the room, and didn't inspect it well enough, that there is a chip at the drain. Nice sized chunk missing. I found it by hearing the water pour out under the tub. When I removed the drain to figure out why, there was the hole the water was pouring out of. Today I have to reset the drain and patch the hole with epoxy.

We also found this on one side of the bathroom. It's the siding and a window from the old cottage, before the kitchen and bath were added. They used to use an outhouse. Really, and this bathroom was added in the 70s.

As for the Kitties, the day I cut the Drywall, I was running through the house, cutting drywall in the kitchen, and wood outside. When I finally got all the drywall cut I ran through the living room and saw a huge puddle of blood. I knew it wasn't me, so I immediately thought one of the cats got hurt. That was way too much blood for one of the kitties to survive and it was an awful lot for an adult cat too. I was freaking out.

I looked for the kittens, both napping, no cuts. The two adult grays weren't hurt either. I was puzzled. Then I took a closer look at the puddle of blood. There was a little gel cap in the middle of one of the puddles. Running around I had stepped in one of the boys Halloween Blood caps that the kittens had soccered to the middle of the floor. I laughed at myself and got out the mop.

I just love home repair and I can't wait to do more. Did you detect a note of sarcasm?


Pili said...

Wow, that really is an insane amount of work! I hope once you're done with the bathroom you can have some time without having to fix something!

Jane said...

That is no small task! You scared me with the blood for a minute. I'm amazed at your perseverance. Plumbing is a real challenge. The few times my husband has tried it (and he's a master DIYer) I beg him to call a plumber. But that's against his nature. So what happens? When he can't stop the leak....we call a plumber!

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