Monday, November 14, 2011

Life on Mars - Kids

For those of you that have kids, you'll know what I'm talking about. It never ends. The worry they cause you and the endless joy they bring. We have a new member to the family line. I'm a little kooky and who would have ever thought that I would have not only had children, but a lineage as long as this one, thanks to my prolific DD. Of course they are all a bunch of kooks too.

This last week we had a little scare with the beautiful new GD Luna.  She had jaundice and lost too much weight.  She had to be on a silly little lighted belt to clear her out and now she's doing better. Still not enough added weight though. The jaundice can cause brain damage and blindness, and we don't want that.

Poppy, my DD, has had a few issues too, although not serious. Her pregnancy was really easy this time, but the after has not been the smoothest. Hopefully things will get better soon. Luna is one beautiful babe.

For those of you who know about my DS I'll give you an update. I swear things will never go well for him. Here is a link to a longer version of his story "Someone Tweeted Dental Floss". His story is that He was born with a very serious heart defect, surgery at birth, open heart at 1 and 19 and at 34 the valves he had replaced are leaking.

DS tried for 2 years to get on SS disability, because he can't work and needs surgery. Fought the government for 2 years and finally won, and even though he applied 2 years ago, they are cheating him out of his back pay. Now on Medicaid, they are giving him a hard time about transferring to another state. His surgery is one that no one in his state will perform. He's running out of time. The longer he waits, the more irreversible damage is done to his heart. He looked OK last year, but his recent pics scare me. He needs this surgery soon.

I also want to thank everyone who donated to his cost to get my DS to Cleveland for his surgery. He is making only enough to live on and has thousands in medical bills that should have been covered, but are not going to be. He will still have expenses when he comes to Cleveland if he ever gets here.

So kids! I know you know what I mean. Even when they are doing good and are healthy you worry. Parents, if you aren't familiar with the Bowie song Kooks, you must listen to this.


Pili said...

I just hope all the health issues will be solved soon, and the surgery can be done soon for your son!

vintage eye said...

Sending positive & healthy thoughts to you & yours, as always. :)

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