Monday, January 30, 2012

Life on Mars - Deja Vu

The week started out so nicely, we had decent sales, the cat stopped peeing on everything because we found an anti anxiety collar that worked, friends were helping me get my packaging, logo and ads together for my business, and we even found a fantastic deal at Target for a clic clac sleep sofa that we desperately needed. We only have one sofa in the living room. no chairs and we often have the family of at least 4 watching TV and when Luna gets bigger, it's just too crowded. The sofa was on sale and an extra % off and free shipping. Can't pass that up.

Simon - and if only he did pee there
Well the week started good, but it all went to Hell in a very familiar kind of way. The boys were sick, the printer fell off the shelf and broke, and shipped off of one of Poppy's new computer keys, and the car broke down, well actually there's this scraping noise in the rear by the wheels. And after we bought the sofa, we don't have enough to take the car to get repaired. So once again we are without car. Not something we aren't used to.

Then there was the ambulance arriving at our door again. Ms hypochondriac next door was sure she was dying and had to have the paramedics come over and she got hauled away AGAIN. Last time she was hauled away (2 weeks ago) she went to her mothers to clean her house the next day. I've never seen someone taken away in an ambulance so many times in my life. Well, there was that bipolar Jamaican lady we lived next door to that used to throw rocks at her own house and chant and dance in the backyard in her nightgown.

At least the police haven't been here lately to take the son away. I think his meds are OK. I swear we are the ONLY people in this community that aren't on anti psychotic meds. Well, actually, that doesn't mean we don't need them ;)


Pili said...

I hope you guys can fix the car and the sofa soon!

Pesky Cat Designs said...

I hope everything works itself out very soon!!

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