Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bizz Buzz - Storm Kit

I had a really bad two week period of illness. It came and went, but mostly came. My daughter was very ill to, so when I was OK, I had to help her with her kids. It kind of put a damper on my new design progress. I was lucky to complete orders I had and I really hope they were OK. There were days I was sewing, that I could barely see.

I thought today, that I have an emergency "Storm Kit" for the house in the event we get stuck here, or the power is out for a few days.I have water stored, and fuel stoves to cook the abundant canned and boxed food with. We have enough to keep us going for probably a week if needed. I could figure a way to run the lake water through our sink filter if we need more. But what about my business?

I'm really not prepared for an emergency with my business. We do have the phone to go on the internet to talk to buyers, but that won't work to list new items. I can't even really drive my laptop to a hotspot without a car. The most important thing is to stay in communication with your shops or websites.

I like to have a supply of most things I am selling on hand so I don't have to run to the store. I'd love to have a backup plan for product. My daughter could make most of my sewn items for me, but she can't make my jewelry. There are some in stock already made. Maybe I should tag them in stock, so that she could deactivate the jewelry I didn't have in stock.

Another great idea, is to leave a few details about your business for your family. I mean, you could slip on a muddy rock and hit your head and not wake up for a few days. Your family could package the things you have ready to go. I guess a detailed note would be a good addition to the "Storm Kit"

Think about the possibility of disaster and what you can do to keep your business storm proof, Are you Ready?

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