Monday, February 20, 2012

Life on Mars - Another Quiet Week?

Ha, I fooled you. No it was not quiet. My DD had a horrible sinus infection and was moaning in pain for days before she gave up and went to the DR. On Valentines Day we were invited next door for dinner by her MIL who felt that us eating Lasagna there was better than the steak dinner that DD's DH had to make for her. Of course she would rather have Lasagna with her MIL.

So early in the am,  both of us in pain get a call from MIL. Can she use our stove to cook the cake, because hers doesn't work? Great, we get one pan of batter. We bake and she comes over, "that's good I'll send over the next one in a few minutes". She only had one pan so she baked half at a time. Then she was going to make the lasagna later. We always save energy by planning what we need to bake at the same time. The freaking oven was on all day, and we really didn't feel like dealing with the nonsense that day.

Wednesday we got DD to the DR and got some meds. I did grocery shopping with a whopper of a neck ache and sinus headache. Later that day I heard from my DS who is at the Mayo Clinic, trying to find out if and when he's getting surgery. He was sent there by medicaid for 2 days of testing.

The second day my DS was at Mayo I got more updates. They really weren't sure, because they needed more tests that couldn't get approved by Medicaid. They are thinking that maybe he can hold of on surgery for a while, but that he needs a defibrillator to regulate his heart and start it if it should stop. Apparently because surgery is so difficult and the replacement valves only last so long, they like to hold off as long as possible.

Later that day I was writhing in pain with the worst headache I think I ever had. It wasn't sinus, it had to do with the neck ache and it was in the back of my head. DD and I passed the poor baby back and forth as we each had our moments of misery. After nearly 2 weeks of this, we were getting pretty weak too, and so behind on work.

Finally catching up on work. Car still not mobile, but it does start up. We are thinking the emergency brake cable is hung up. We are praying for a decent tax return. I won't have one, but DD might. I start work on it next week.

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