Monday, March 12, 2012

Life on Mars - facebook and other time suckers

Did you ever click through a picture on facebook and follow to the original posting to read the comments? I did the other day. I even shared this so others could read. Now, I thought it was kind of interesting, so I clicked through to the original post. You can too if you want to waste 5-10 minutes of your life.

I was sucked into the comments which were clever, and funny, and sometimes just damn dumb. So I wasted about 5 minutes of my life reading some of them. As a matter of fact, I've wasted about 15 minutes writing this and you've wasted time too.

I really don't consider time on twitter wasted. I love to socialize and I like my twitter friends. Although I can spend an awful lot of time there.

As for my week, I'm still getting over the cold. Resistance low from the flu, so I haven't been out too much to see what my crazy neighbors are doing.

Spring is here (I hope) and the sunshine will bathe our last year of planet Earth in love and light. And if you believe that no bunker in the world is going to protect you, or George Lucas from what's to come.


Jane Skoch said...

I'm sorry your body is still not 100% I know a lot of these things really take a lot of time. I agree, Twitter is fun. I feel Facebook is less interactive. And with changes, I can see that it is much less interactive than it used to be - even on my personal side. My feed is cluttered with all the other businesses I've networked with, so it's hard to discern what is important and what isn't. However, Facebook is visual and Twitter is not, so it is a tool that I still feel is important. I rarely click on all the photo/posters that are out - you are right, they are a big time suck. I recently gave advice to an amazing Etsy seller and then felt bad about it (I'm weak like that, even though I said it in a very positive way.) She was constantly posting Ryan Gosling photos on her business page. So many, that when you went to her page, those were the photos you saw. I think FB is great for sharing product, process and the occasional personal things, but not random pinterest pins.

Pili said...

Sending good vibes for you to get all better!

Facebook can be or bad, but as many other online things, it can suck you in and make you unproductive. It's all on how we use things!

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