Thursday, April 5, 2012

Shops I Like - Renathe Schneider - The Joy of Color - Hippie Kingdom

This week is all about COLOR glorious color. Bright, vibrant, sunny, wake you up and make you smile color. These are three of my absolute favorite shops and I might add that the sellers are not only phenomenally talented, but particularly nice too.

The first shop is Renathe Schneider. Renathe makes the most awesome resin jewelry. Her specialty is resin that holds insects. Creepy to some, very cool to me. Don't worry, the insects are already dead when she harvests them. You know the kind you find in your windowsill and such. I'm sure Renathe could find quite a few in my kitchen light fixture at Summers end. How about yours? She also makes some very cool recycled jewelry too.

The next shop is The Joy of Color. Yael's watercolors, just bring a smile to my face. What a simple and fresh style she has. I think those Pomegranites are my favorite. I love the pattern the leaves make. Wouldn't it be fantastic fabric? Fruit, Animals, Birds, even People - Yael does it beautifully and full of color color color!! 

Finally I have loved Hippie Kingdom for such a very long time. Such wonderfully creative jewelry made of recycled paper. Beautiful Bright fiber and cardboard delight. There are even some subtle neutrals for those of us who need a little calm now and then. I think those rainbow earrings might be the first thing I fell in love with. Oh and those paper bead necklaces are to die for. I wouldn't care if I had to wait a bit to get them from India. I just love everything from this very special shop. 

Such bright and delightful work my friends make. Please stop by and visit them. They can even brighten a cloudy Summer day.


Pili said...

Those are very original and indeed very colourful shops!

TheJoyofColor said...

Thank you so much for the Feature cyney with my favorite jewelery shop both are amazing and unique in there own way, And you were'nt far with what you wrote about my pomegranates i'm a textile designere so probably the love for fabrics is shown in my work without me relaizing it.

Dina Fragola said...

A very cool selection indeed!
I have several pieces by Renathe and they are great!

Renathe Schneider said...

Thank you!
I had a crappy day and now I feel a lot better thanks to you.
I knew about Joy of color before. Love her stuff but Hippie Kingdom is new to me. What I see here looks great! I will have to check out that store :)

Hand Painted Petals said...

Each artist's work is terrific -- Renathe's work is new for me and I'm glad to know about her! Yael and HippieKingdom have long been faves of mine, too -- very cool to see them all featured here!

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