Friday, June 15, 2012

Night Terrors

Anyone who has read The Sphynx by Edgar Allan Poe will know exactly how I feel today. Or you could read it and find out. Last night a horribly huge moth attached itself to my screen door.

I used to hate spiders, but got over that, (kind of) when I realized how helpful they are. But I never got over the terror of those freaking beady glowing red, otherworldly moth eyes that stare at you from the other side of the screen. Seemingly waiting for you to fall asleep and make their way into your house to wrap you in a cocoon....or was that another horror story I read as a kid. Either way, I'm terrified of moths.

Now you know my deepest darkest secret. I thought the moth would leave by morning. Guess what? IT'S STILL THERE. You see, I think it's stalking me. Maybe it's my deceased ex-husband, reincarnated, trying to get back at me for all trash talk over the years.

Hope this didn't creep you out too much. Have a great day and don't loose any sleep (if you can).

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