Monday, September 3, 2012

Life on Mars - Labor Day

Who doesn't like a little time off work. Well, if you're like me, there is no such thing as time off. I've been working on a new design. A purse. And if all goes well, I'll be selling them in my Poppy's Garden Gate shop. And it looks like they're going well. So exciting! Making me think I might be able to make that messenger bag I've been talking about. Here's a sketch of the new purse.

It's even cuter in person. It's a REAL purse with inner pocket, zipper top, and adjustable strap.

Hard to believe I'm actually doing this. I thought it would be so hard, but, turns out it's not so hard after all.

That's the kind of thing I do on holiday's and weekends. (thus the name LABOR day)

Things have been very quiet in our neighborhood lately. I'm beginning to think there is something seriously wrong. But if it's good luck and peace and quiet, I'll take the seriously wrong.

This weekend was Doctor Who premier and marathon. The 9 year old and I watched and ate fish fingers and custard. I LOVE the new Doctor Who. After watching the old ones for so many years, I even went to conventions with my kids and met Jon Pertwee and Sylvester McCoy (3 and 7), this new version is such a blast. I love all 3 of the newest Doctors dearly.

And there is the annual dinner next door with the neighbor's high school friends on Sunday. Spaghetti this year. Great way to celebrate Labor Day, spaghetti with meatballs, meatballs the size of baseballs no less. And did I tell you how much the bees like spaghetti? Well, at least we have Monday for a real picnic.

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Pili said...

The new purse looks nice, I can't wait to see them made in actual fabric!

I adore Doctor Who! I discovered it with the new series, and I'm a huge fan of all three Doctors, though "MY" Doctor will always be David Tennant!

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