Monday, October 15, 2012

Life on Mars - Baby Sitters and Manic Swings

Some of us (not really us, just the neighbors) have ... lets say ... trouble with their medication at certain times of the year. I can usually tell, because all of a sudden everything is pulled out of the sheds or the house and reorganized, or put in trash cans, or just left in the middle of the yard. This week someone was running out in her nightgown barefoot in the middle of the night and everything outside was cleaned up, including several large ladders scattered all over the yard.

The best part was when she gave me a ride to the store after arguing with her voices the whole night before and Walmart shopping at 4 am. Other than the fact that she looked like she was going to fall asleep and the conversation starter that there is a conspiracy against her and everyone thinks she's crazy but someday they will all find out that there really is a conspiracy against her, things were going good.

The second last stop however, she pulled the car up for me. I left my purchase in the car and took the baby (who I had for the day) over to the other side to put her in her car seat. As I was buckling her, with the car door open and my leg out of the door, the car starts taking off. With my stuff in the cart next to it. Fortunately when I started screaming my head off in panic, she stopped the car. But it started rolling again. I lost it and told her to shut off the damn car and put on the brake. I was actually very nice, I didn't want to upset her more, but her response to the situation was "Well, I don't have eyes in the back of my head."

I did suggest that she use the rear view mirror in the future, but I really wanted to say that's why God put that bendy thing between your f'ing shoulders and your chin.

And that was just the start of Saturday. Later that day our new 2 week old serger, seriously broke. Like it won't sew, so we had to buy a new one. The one we wanted is only available online, so we have to wait until  Tuesday to sew again. At least I got my orders finished first :). But my DD has a lot to finish when it comes. We've been painting, cutting and packaging in the mean time.

We also had something wonderful. A great babysitter, who loves the baby and baby loves in return. She lives down the street and has been a dream come true. It was so hard with baby in the house, but for 3 days a week, she is out of our hair for 4 -5 hours a day and we can work like mad without having to worry about baby getting into pins and fabric.

Only a week or two of total madness, at least until the winter holiday rush. Hope the machines hold out for that.

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