Monday, January 28, 2013

Just another Manic Monday - Photo and Filters

I took a lousy picture of one of my new pieces last night. With flash. Never list an item with flash photography. You're better off just taking a picture in the dark and posting that. Flash makes everything look flat flat flat. Washes out beautiful detail. I am not kidding, look at the difference here. 

The picture I took looked so bad that I thought, maybe with the right filter they could be improved. I really don't have any filters and no Instagram (lucky you who do) so I did some searching on the internet without much help. Lots of sites recommended Picnik, but you know what happened there.

Then I remembered Photobucket used to have some filters I never used. I use Photobucket for my photo hosting for Ebay. I gave them a try and this is what I did. Not great, but more attractive.

Then I got carried away with the filters. Here is what I did next. Click on the images to enlarge the before and afters. I really don't like Photobucket, but it is working better on Chrome and I might like to make some cool pics and features with their filters, frames and other editing tools with all my free time.

1 comment:

ShadowDogDesigns said...

Fun after pics! Thanks for sharing. I love messing around with filters but have never posted anything using them. Picasa also has a bunch of cool filters.

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