Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Life on Mars - You Can't Make This Sh-t Up

I haven't been posting my Life on Mars series lately. Honestly I think you would all be bored with the next door lady pulling everything out of her shed and leaving it in the yard, or the crazy guy fishing on a barely frozen lake, the youngest boy getting hit in the eye on a regular basis, or the ambulances coming to the next door neighbors at least once a month, maybe more. I know I get tired of it. And quite honestly, if it weren't for the photo's I like to take, I'm not sure I'd believe any of it either. But sad to say, it's all true.

Life here is - well - always unexpected. You would think that living on a lake in the country, it would be peaceful. And it does have it's moments. I think though, that there is something terribly wrong with the water here and it makes people a little odd. But even nature can have an unexplained and sometimes perilous sense of humor here.

Take today for example. Although I'm sure this happened earlier this week, because after we started swearing about it, the youngest boy declared that he TOLD us there was a tree on our house. We always get branches on the roof, so we just assumed that was what he was talking about, not an actual tree. But as I was shooting picture outside of my daughter wearing some lovely jackets she made, I glanced over my shoulder and saw this tree on our house. How did we miss a thing like that.

This is not a little tree. This is, I would say, a 30 foot pine that fell over and is leaning on our overhang, over my bedroom and reaching across the whole length of the house from front to back. One good wind or heavy snowfall and that sucker could snap in half and come crashing down. I have to write this story tonight, because I may not be here tomorrow to tell it. The insurance company is supposed to send out someone to remove it tomorrow. I hope they do. It's kind of scary.

Like I said, hard to believe sometimes, but you really can't make this stuff up.


vintage eye said...

You do live quite the exciting life my friend! The mess on the neighbor's lawn looks like any old redneck's front yard!

Jane Skoch said...

Oh my - that is scary. I've known quite a few trees to crash through bedrooms! Glad you are still here to talk about it. It must be crazy there on Mars since you didn't even notice a little thing like that!

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