Sunday, June 16, 2013

Deer in the Yard

I was so excited when I saw a deer in the yard last Sunday. As a matter of fact, I yelled so loud that my visiting Grandson tore off my headset and almost broke them coming to see what I was yelling about.

Even though we were close to a National Park, I think there were just too many dogs near us on the little lake to make it desirable for them to visit.

OK, so I love that the deer visit, and my DD said, maybe I should put out a salt lick, but I know deer strip trees for food in the winter and I was afraid my landlord might not like that. So I'm not tempting them with food or salt into my yard.

Then I took a friend to look at my lovely row of Day Lilies at the side of the house. I noticed that some of the stems were trimmed back, all at the same height, you know, nibbling height for a young doe. All the flowers on the front had been nibbled off. I plan to bring some potted herbs and tomatoes. I think I need to make sure they are out of mouth's reach.

I still love my new house. And I love the deer. I just need to learn how to keep the deer from eating the flowers.


ShadowDogDesigns said...

Day lilies are an all time favorite food of deer. Had some lilies once that I didn't get to see bloom for 3 years because of the deer. Sprinkle dog hair in with the lilies (I used to get mine from the local groomer - bags of it!). You have to keep doing that, though, because the dog scent eventually will wear off. Also Irish Spring soap works - deer don't like the scent. I'd hang some in netting or old panty hose (remember those) scattered through my plants. Also hear moth balls will deter deer but have not tried them. Maybe these ideas will help.

akaCINDERS said...

Thanks, I'll have to try those tricks.

Jane Skoch said...

I'm going to tell dh about the irish spring. I took some pix of the deer in our yard yesterday, but they are pests in terms of our flowers, garden and trees. We have to cover everything with netting.

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