Friday, August 9, 2013

The Month in Review - Unexpected Expenses

I had it all planned out. Last month I managed to save $100, so if I saved another $100 this month, I'd almost have enough for the Computer I so desperately needed.

I did have to buy a big order of trims. $80, but I was expecting that. Then the kid came over and wanted to eat out, and there was the family birthday celebration at a nice restaurant, but that kind of thing is expected.

What I didn't expect was my daughter talking me into creating a new line and all the expenses that come with that. Even though the line is awesome cosplay aprons, and I love them, I needed new fabric and had 3 new designs printed on fabric, (one is on the way).

Oh, ha, and the iron on fabric that took 3 weeks to arrive - I had to buy more.

What I didn't expect was for my kicks to blow a
hole in the toe, so I had to order a new pair. I got the cheapest ones I could, because I have little square feet that must be special ordered from the square foot store. Oh, and the cheapest pair just happens to be Banana Yellow.

I still have to buy my usual pair, but I have a $10 discount and if they have 20% off, I might be able to get them next month.

Then there was the spare ink for the Printer, which was good, because it ran out of ink. The color was name brand and a good price, but the black was generic and lasted about a week each, and it's not even busy season.

Ready to print labels and no ink in the printer, no one in town carries Dell so I had to order more online, better brand so 2 (one for spare) for close to $20. Fortunately I could print at the library, of course I have to walk to it to print, but I use the mailbox there a lot and I had movies on hold.

Then I thought, I can't have this happen again, so I had to buy a spare printer. Not a bad price, $34  with a 2 year warranty and shipping. It was a really cheap printer. But I checked and I can get cheap ink, if they work. Not a great printer, but it will be OK for labels in an emergency.

OK done with my rant. Hope you had a better month that I did.

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vintage eye said...

So fashion forward! ;)

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