Saturday, September 7, 2013

Adventures in Photo Editing Part 200

This post is going to be mostly pictures. You'll like it.

This is what I've been up to. I make eye jewelry, but didn't have photography in all of the colors I can make. I can actually make them any color, but mostly just 5 sell well.  So I wanted to offer 5 colors and thought it would be easier to do this on Photoshop. Actually it takes a lot of time too. For those who don't have Photoshop, I really like pic monkey. It's a great editing program. Adobe is also offering a fee to use program now, but it's not really cheap either. I use an old program, you might find one on eBay.

Here's how I started. I took my eyes and photographed them on the printed sheet with the lenses over them.

Then I did some photography.

 Then I made a template with blank areas. I pasted my eyes in the "holes" and scaled to fit. Voila I made new images.


Then after making each piece of jewelry I made a band of all the colors. And here's the final images.

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