Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Life on Mars - Even in Paradise it Gets Weird

So you think my life is perfect now. Well it's not as interesting as in the past, but the people I live by now are on the internet, so I can't share like I did. They are smarter and more capable of finding me. Just kidding, but they are.

About the most annoying thing here is the guy that runs his car for 30 minutes to warm the engine, which is not necessary and damages his car, uses gas and pollutes the environment. And the woman on the other side that never had a house and doesn't know how to  fix things, but that's OK, cause I'm usually available to help. the guy a few doors over works odd hours and comes home sometimes in the middle of the night, but I'm usually asleep and don't see the lights or hear the car doors slam.

My most annoying neighbors are the critters. They run around my house when I'm not looking, mice at night and I'm not sure when the chipmunks sneak in, but they do.

I've found hickory nuts hidden in various places in the laundry room mostly. In some give away fabric, inside my winter boots and recently in a fabric covered box I used as a vase before My cuz gave me a real one. That's a lot of winter storage.

And occasionally I run into the mouse in the bathroom at night. They don't eat my food. I think they steal from the chipmunk who has a HUGE stash in the walls. He is very busy stealing the bird seed.

OK so the house isn't perfect either. It is cute, but a good portion is hand built from an old garage. Wiring is bad and I will be addressing that during slow season. I don't want' my new TV to fry from badly installed non grounded outlets. Even the grounded outlets aren't grounded. Scary.

The living room ceiling is acoustic tile poorly installed and the kitchen floor has indoor outdoor carpeting. Actually the whole house does.

And just to make sure I don't miss the insanity of life on the lake, the whole family comes over now and then and with all the kids here, it takes me a whole day to clean up their mess (and they are careful when they're here)

And the MIL visited this week, just to be sure I didn't miss the old neighborhood and the fun we had. Here are some of the fun things she said this visit.

"I'm so proud of you keeping your house so clean. It even smells nice."

"Oh, your hair is growing. I can cut it for you if you want."

" I brought your decoration. Oh, these aren't yours? they must be mine, you have no idea how happy that makes me. You made my day."

"I didn't know how to tell you. Your puppy had liver disease so we had to put it down."

And after helping me in with my groceries she stops and hands me my keys that she picked up and almost left with and laughs because they are mine not hers.

Ah, life is beautiful.

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