Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Eight Weeks and I'm Almost There

Great News! My ankle is almost totally healed. Still a tiny bit of filing in to do, but the biggest area is almost totally healed so that means WALKING.

Well, not exactly right this minute. I have to put on 20% of my body weight, and if that's OK increase to 30% until I reach full weight. Pain and Swelling will tell me when to stop. I have to walk with the walker or crutches (I'll be starting with the walker, and weaning to the crutches) until I can walk unassisted, AND in two weeks, when I go for my next visit, I may be able to move from the walking boot to a SHOE.

I've been working this whole time, but it is a chore. Too hard to haul things in the walker. How do you bring a plate of food to the living room, when your hands are already full walking? I mostly use the wheelchair, just because it's very fast and easier to carry things. But I need the walker to get my bots of fabric, because they are on the shelves and I have to stand. It's been such a PITA.

Laundry was hard, but not impossible. Everything is a chore and so exhausting. So now there is a huge list of things I want to do as soon as I'm walking.

I want to:
walk to my mail box. It's about 4 feet away up a very steep hill. plant the daffodils my cousin gave me and start getting the garden ready for summer
repaint the whole interior of the cottage house. It's small, so manageable.
wash my bedding now that I can stand reach everything (today)
wash down everything in the house
build my outdoor table and set it up by the shed
walk outside and take pictures of the blooming flowers and trees
walk to town, the library, the grocery, the falls, Dave's Subs (Doc says no 3 mile hikes yet)

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