Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New directions in Blogging

I started this Blog to find and report helpful information for independent internet artists and sellers. The articles were primarily to help sellers on Etsy, but could relate to any independent seller.

Things happened and my helpful blog turned into a weak self promoting and self discovery rarely posted, uninteresting look into my own life.


I'm going back to the roots of my original plan and I have Wonderful tips and interviews planned for you.

My first interview will be posted next week. It is an interview with Poppy of PoppysWickedGarden.etsy.com. She has been selling on the internet for over 5 years and recently celebrated her 4th anniversary on Etsy. She was one of the first clothing sellers on Etsy and has seen a lot of changes in four plus years. She also lives in my house so was pretty easy to get an interview with her.

Future posts will have some top seller tips on how to get on the Front Page, how to promote your shop, how to evaluate your shop to improve it and some tips on how to make a great treasury on Etsy.

I know you'll be pleased with the info I have to share so please stay tuned for future posts.

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i am right there with you on changing up the blog. i ditched my old one and started a brand new one in july. new focus, interviews, giveaways, inspiration etc. it's gonna be a great year for blogging friend. can't wait to see what you have in store for us:)

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