Thursday, September 2, 2010

An interview with Vintage Eye

This week we have the ever entertaining Vintage Eye telling us a little more about #SSPS on Twitter.

Tell us a little about your shops

I have 3 shops. I started out selling my art on satellitedaisy and quickly figured out that nobody wanted it. So I moved on to selling vintage which people did want to buy. I spun off VintageEye to separate the art from the vintage then opened VintageEyeFashion to contain the clothing & other wearables. It seems to work pretty well.

What is #SSPS?

#SSPS is twitterese for Shameless Self Promotion Sunday, a lame version of #follow friday!

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How did #SSPS get started?

It started while tweeting listings with a few other Etsy sellers, including WorldVintage, who came up with the name and took off from there. A bunch of us RT anything with a #SSPS tag & ask others to do the same. It seems to work pretty well. I've been lucky enough to be featured on some fantastic blogs & had been using twitter to return the favor since I don't blog. Somehow the whole act of self promotion seems less dirty when done tongue in cheek & in large numbers!

Is it just for Etsy or can anyone play?

Anyone can join in for #SSPS. We have Etsy sellers, Ebayers, bloggers and various other shameless wonders.

I hear you got kicked off of twitter for a while. Is that true?

I have been kicked off Twitter on three separate occasions for over tweeting! The nerve! The limit is 2000 tweets per day & that # gets broken down into smaller limits. What those are exactly, well, if I knew that I wouldn't keep getting kicked off!

How much time do you spend promoting other shops?

I love to see what people are making, selling, buying, blogging, talking & or bitching about & really enjoy promoting other shops as well as my own. It's hard to say how much time I spend in the promotion game but let's say I at least RT a few items or shops every time I'm online. Sometimes it gets totally out of hand & I'll do Back Page Finds for everyone who pops up in my twitter feed. I root around in the last page of their shop & tweet an item or blog or site if that's what they have (Just did that yesterday) I've been known to plug a Blog O' The Day & do the occasional Thursday Shout Out or pimp people's treasuries. I am truly shameless when it comes to promotion. We are all trying to make a go of it so we may as well help each other out!

I did try #SMSS or Saturday Morning Shoe Shoe a few times but that went over like a fart in church & even a shameless wonder like me can't overcome total lack of interest! I guess not everyone loves shoes as much as I do.

I have met some fantabulotastic peeps on twitter & am enjoying the crap out of the whole thing!


Judy said...

OH, SO that's what #SSPS stands for. Silly me.... I've enjoyed this interview almost as much as I enjoy tweeting with my sparkle Hinney Friend. Your the best vintageeye.

World Vintage said...

A great interview from our favorite shameless one!

Denise (World Vintage)

Anonymous said...

We are enjoying the crap out of Tweeting along with you! Great interview.

Rachael Brooke Winkley said...

A Twitterverse without @vintageeye would be a dark, lonely, boring place - how could they possibly kick you off? Love the interview, love #SSPS and love that I found the fab tweeps who #SSPS!

Interesting about switching from your artwork to vintage. I've been thinking much the same lately - maybe it's time to open my own vintage shop.

- Rach

Pili said...

Great interview! And I had no idea about twitter tweeting limits!

E. Fernandez @ Modish Vintage said...

great interview! more power to vintageeye and ssps!

Lisa said...

It's a lot of fun partaking in #SSPS!
Thanks for starting and continuing to manage this great event!

Karen Hayne said...

I love #ssps & vintageeye & twitter I am glad I am in such great company. Brilliant interview! Much enjoyed. Tweet you all later :)

Anonymous said...

Kathleen is an amzing RTer, a great Etsian, and a great friend!

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