Thursday, October 21, 2010


Does Etsy not do what you want it to? Want more sales tracking information? How many of your Treasuries have made it to the Front page of Etsy?

There are a number of people who are just as frustrated as you are and some have created sites to help with Etsy drawbacks. Here is a list of off site aids and what they can do for you.

Click on the site names to take you there. Holding the control button while clicking, will open it in a new tab.

Here are my personal favorites

CRAFTOPOLIS  has some fantastic features.Check your SHOP HEARTS and how many page views you've had in your shop on a certain day. With your Google Analytics downloaded, you can do a TAG REPORT with tells you what search words brought visitors to your items. And their new Feature EDIT EXPRESS is phenomenal. You can bulk edit, prices, titles, descriptions and quantity. I LOVE it. I can't get the edit description to work. Maybe you'll have better luck

CRAFTCULT Has a few wonderful tools. Check your SHOP HEARTS with HEART-O-MATIC. Look for front pages you have been in in the VAULT. And check out these awesome widgets on my sidebar. Just click on WIDGET and make your own.

ETSYHACKS has so many great hacks I will only list a few.
COPY LISTING is my favorite. No more writing an entire listing or relisting something similar and changing it. - EDIT THIS ITEM with a quick access button.
There are many more tools, but the designer is now working for Etsy and some have been added to Etsy already. The only disadvantage to etsyhacks is that they only work with firefox.

ETSYONSALE  for the most part I love this site.
You can schedule a sale for your site either by SECTION or ALL ITEMS. You schedule the date, give the promotion a name and either select a percentage or dollar amount. I have had a lot of success with this and I credit it with bringing more business to my site, however I have heard of some problems and I did have a real mess of a problem once. Just watch your items and make sure they have worked correctly.

Here are a few others that you might find useful.

STATSY  has a few nice features. VUTRAC shows you views and hearts. Similar to craftcult's Heart-o-matic.  CLOCKBOT – is a feature that lets you schedule renewals. Pretty handy I think. LOCATOR is a feature that lets you find your kewords in a search. Not sure if this functions well.
I think that my favorite feature of Statsy's is FEATURATOR. Sign up and get an email every time you are on the Etsy Front Page. And with BIGGEST FAN you can see who hearts you the most.

CRAFTCOUNT  lists top etsy sellers altogether and in categories. Maybe this could be useful to see what they are doing to get the results they have.

ETSY FEE CALCULATOR  helps you Calculate how much you pay in fees and how much you make UGH

ETSY TECHNOLOGY HELP  is a blog with tips on how to work some of the Etsy features.

HANDMADEOLOGY  is a wonderful blog full of great tips.

And Finally there's ETSYWIKI  full to the brim of everything Etsy.


Pili said...

A very helpful compilation of all sorts of resources, Cinders!

Andrea (Sacred Suds) said...

This is great - thanks Cinders!

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