Thursday, October 28, 2010

Smells Like Team Spirit

Ever consider joining an Etsy Team? This week I'm going to blog a bit about the joys of Team Spirit.

I never was a big sports fan as a kid, and the mere mention of Teams conjured images of sweaty kids and teens grunting together, jumping around and slapping each other on the back. I was shy and uncoordinated and never appreciated the camaraderie that is Team Spirit.

You don't have to play a competitive sport to be part of an Etsy Team. For that matter, Teams are a way of coming together and of offering support.

This week I received a convo from therufflyowl about her new blog that featured me and other members of our mutual team. It was a sweet article and I thought of what this team has meant to me, friendships forged, support at difficult times, shop sales advice and support.

There are so many types of Teams to join on Etsy. Treasury Teams are a great way to promote your shop, but also to meet other members and support their shops too. Teams that are comprised of members that sell like products are a great source to for discovering new ways to create and sell your product. Local Teams can point you to local selling venues and you may have a real physical get together. Charitable teams are inspiring and uplifting.

You can find out more about Etsy Teams here although Etsy is going through a “period of adjustment” while they switch to Beta. Team information and the team pages are not necessarily current.

This week I received a personal convo from a team members that I've never meet in person, or had even heard their voice. It was a message of encouragement, support and friendship. I realized that though we've never met in person, soul to soul, we have known each other for the 2 years that we have communicated through Etsy. I was deeply touched by my friends support.

It may be a little work to find your right team and go through the application and acceptance procedure, it is well worth the process and time.


Pili said...

That's a great & informative post, Cinders!
What's gonna work? Team work!
*sorry, 5 weeks in the US last year was enough for that song to get stuck to my head till even now...*

Sara said...

Great post, Cinders! You hit the nail on the head. I think above all, for me, joining the team has meant new friendships to me. AND support in a world that can sometimes be isolative and lonely!

Waterrose said...

Great post and I visited the ruffy owl post....both great! Thanks!

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