Thursday, November 4, 2010


For the next few weeks my blogs will be brief. This is not the time for lengthy advice. This is the time to make make make and sell sell sell.

Flawless. Should your merchandise be flawlessly perfect? In my opinion no. If a buyer wanted perfection, why would they come to Etsy to purchase handmade? For that reason, why does a buyer come to Etsy?

A buyer comes to Etsy with the hope that they can find a lovely handmade item that they can't find anywhere else. A buyer might also come to Etsy to help support the handmade movement, but I believe the percentage of those buyers is woefully slim.

Vintage by it's nature, has wear, character and flaws and I think that is why so many buyers are drawn to it. Many vintage sellers do extremely well because of the character of their wares.

Don't misunderstand what I mean by flawless. I don't mean sloppy. We should aim for originality and beauty in everything we produce, but beauty is not always in perfect symmetry, or a flawless finish. Beauty is in the natural shading of patina, or the asymmetrical balance of rose petals. Flaws remind us that we are human.

Perfection is the flaw of the machine age.

Now get back to work!


GlitzGlitter said...

Oh, Cindy, this is great and so true! And well written, to boot! Now? I better get back to work ;)

Sara said...

I LOVE this post!! Sometimes I expect toooooo much of myself and hearing you "say" this was like a breath of freash air into my day...I strive for excellence and THAT is all I could ever ask of myself. Thanks for this!

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