Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day Four Finally A Reply

Well I finally got a Reply from Etsy Legal about My shop closing. I got the same second letter that Poppy did.  See Previous Post. My shop was closed for repeated copyright infringement violations.

Well that is a lie. I was contacted ONCE about PacMan merchandise I had on and I immediately removed it and even though their lawyer conceded that it could be sold under the First Sale Doctrine, I kept it off so as not to rock the boat.

Also this time there was an attachment to MY email, saying that this information is private and not to be shared with anyone. What are you going to do CLOSE MY SHOP! I have every right to share the lies that they are trying to hand me.

I was going to let this rest, but now I am truly inflamed.

Post Script note: Apparently in the Etsy Terms of Service, All of your shops and Any shops you are involved in can be shut down at any time for violations of their terms. That means violations of ANY terms of service or Dos and Don'ts. I do believe however that actions are enforced unequally.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

SUE, SUE their asses off!!!! this is sooooo sooooo not right

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