Thursday, November 18, 2010


Another quickie today. First Horoscopes are good for all of us this November. Take a minute to read this info and get back to work. Things will slow down again later in December.

If your shops are slow these past few weeks, just wait a few more days. I remember last year, thinking it was going to be a lean Christmas. Then on Thanksgiving Day the dam broke loose. I started getting sale after sale on Thanksgiving.

 Apparently people get bored sitting around socializing with their families and start early browsing. Also people want to see what deals are out there on Black Friday to compare and balance budgets.

Get your wrapping stations in order, get your free gift with purchases and inventory made, Tell your family they will not get home made dinners for a few weeks and hold on to your sanity. Holiday Season is about to hit. 

And don't forget to refresh items in your shop on Thanksgiving. Be at the top of the search on the Holiday too.

Re: Poppy

 I also want to thank everyone who has supported Poppy and me the past week. Things are a little rough now, but we will be fine eventually. No news, our shops are still closed. You can now find Poppy at and and we both appreciate your letters and your help in spreading the word of her new location. 

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