Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Art of Art

You know the old saying those that can do, those that can't teach? Well apparently I am past my prime in doing and am ready to pass on my wisdom.

I suppose it's hard for me to create anew, when my over active mind is full of all the sights and treasures I've laid my old tired eyes on. I have a fairly eidetic (photographic) memory. Mostly for images, but occasionally I can see a page of text I have recently worked on. So when I remember my shock and awe at the size of the Mona Lisa, I'm still looking at her with the crowd of Japanese tourists posing in front of her. No Flash Please!

I can see the beautifully carved Buddha in the caves at Guilin, China and the lovely intricate metal and stonework and Tapestries from the Musee Cluny in Paris. I can even see myself working on the chalk ghost picture that I made in second grade, that I loved so much and still have.

Was there a point to all this? Oh yes. I have a lot that I can share and I've decided to do it here.

Lesson one of the Art of Art starts Thursday with the three most important elements of Art. The road to becoming a true Artist. I hope you'll tune in. I think it will be quite an adventure.


vintage eye said...

Sign me up! I'll be the one in the back row shooting spitballs & making fart noises! ;)

akaCINDERS said...

It really will be an adventure then. Remember, this teacher can throw spitballs back.

Jane said...

I hope I can learn something!

Rough Magic Creations said...

*dodges spitball* I'm tying a string round my finger with a tag attached: Thursday at Cinders' place. Will you be serving refreshments?

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