Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday!

No it's not my birthday, but it is the birthday of a friend. Wishing her a happy birthday, and finding out she had to work, led me to remember one of my most interesting (and short) birthdays.

I was traveling to China with three male associates. They all knew that we were leaving the day before my birthday and that I was going to get cheated out of 12 hours. China was 12 hours ahead and we pass the international time zone sooo, I lose half my birthday.

We couldn't fly direct to China at that time, we had to come into Hong Kong and then take a bus, or in our case this trip, a car into China. We had planned to take a day of Vacation in Hong Kong, doing a little exploring.

None of my companions mentioned anything about my Birthday. We landed in Hong Kong and nothing. Kind of sad to loose half a day and not even one Happy Birthday. We all lined up at for Entry Document inspection. I was in a different line. Something about the agents there. They are so stern and ominous, even though my documentation was perfect, I was always afraid I'd get turned away and have to get the next plane home. Not a pleasant thought when you just flew for 15 or more hours.

My turn and up to the desk. Hand the dead serious agent my passport. He looks, I sweat, he puzzles at the passport, I shake and sweat some more. Then his stern grimace slowly turns up to a Huge beaming smile, and the agent that I didn't imagine even spoke English said "Happy Birthday". What a Pleasant surprise. I think one of the nicest Birthday wishes ever.

Oh, my companions finally wished me a Happy Birthday after I told them the story. And they took me out for drinks with the few hours I had left of my day.

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Pili said...

Sometimes customs & immigration agents can surprise us! I've had good experiences in both my recent trips to the US, and just in my last trip to India the agent was urging me to get married to the bf soon!

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