Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Eggs

Such a late Easter this year, but I guess it goes along with Such a Late Spring. Sometimes Easter is in Early March and there are lots of flowers blooming. I remember one Spring where the kids in the neighborhood were playing on lawns covered with the early violets.

Easter is in Late April this year and the daffodils have barely bloomed, no violets yet here, no lilacs, and no garden planted yet.

But Easter is always full of Eggs - the Symbol for Rebirth. I made a collection at Artfire this morning. This one here. You can click on it to get a better view.

Later today we will be making my famous Deviled Eggs.  I'm going to share the secret with you all but you'll have to experiment to get it just right for yourself.

One year, I thought I'd make my Deviled Eggs a little lower in calorie, so I decided to add cornflakes and low fat mayo. The cornflakes would take the place of some of the yolk. They were out of this world. I also added liquid smoke to make them kind of like Bacon and Eggs. Now I use real mayo and stuff the eggs over filling.

So here's my secret, crushed cornflakes, mayo, liquid smoke, salt, and pepper. Mix well with the yolks, stuff the egg halves and sprinkle with a bit of good paprika. Here's my secret, you have to figure out the proportions yourself, but you won't be sorry you did. Happy Easter to those who celebrate and Happy Deviled Eggs to those that love them.


OhMyAmpersand said...

Wow! That is the most unusual recipe that I've seen so far. Sounds amazing!! I like to cut the mayo down slightly too. Here's mine: Hummus, mayo, pepper, finely chopped water chestnuts and the tiniest bit of finely chopped green onion. YUM! Your's sounds better, though. :)

akaCINDERS said...

Yours definitely sounds healthy and I love Hummus and Green onion. I'll have to try it.

Pili said...

Both recipes sound very yummy!

vintage eye said...

Bacon & egg deviled eggs! You rock, Crusty!

Prospero Joe said...

Ah, Deviled Eggs! One of my all-time favorites, and your recipe sounds irresistible! I just wrote liquid smoke on our grocery list, and Mollie says she's sure we have some cornflakes around here someplace. Happy Easter, Happy Eggs!

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