Saturday, June 11, 2011

Biz Buzz - Still Reeling from Heartsy

If you really put a small value upon yourself, rest assured that the world will not raise your price.

~Author Unknown

Last weeks Post about Groupon like sites for Handmade really had some Lively Conversations on and off Blog. If you missed it, take a look at Your Breaking my Heartsy.

Funny thing, after that post I got asked to participate in another Groupon Type site that gives 30% to 60% off. After I declined nicely, and forwarded my post, the manager said that he understands and that it was exactly what he was trying to work against with his new site. How does that work again???

Well one really wonderful thing came of my post. I found this wonderful Article, on a wonderful Blog - Oh My Handmade Goodness, about a sellers experience with Heartsy and how it compared it to other advertising projects. My Experience Being Featured on Heartsy

I also found out about a wonderful new site called Worthsy through this post Post on Pricing Talent.

Worthsy is an Experiment that dares to pose the question, How Much is Handmade Worth? Read more about how it got started HERE.

We are not the only ones who want the World to know the true value of Handmade.


Pili said...

Those are some wonderful resources to share with other sellers, Cinders!

Sarah Knight said...

Interesting ; )

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