Thursday, June 9, 2011

Buyers Paradise - seventytwostitches

I love so many sellers and each Thursday, with their permission I am going to feature one of my favorite shops on Buyers Paradise.

This weeks shop is seventytwostitches on Etsy.

I love seventytwostitches because the work is not only adorable, but fresh and original. Like sumi-e painting, expression and charm with just a few strokes of the crochet hook. Just look at this super cute Flower Pot.

There are so many wonderful things I would love to share with you, but there is not enough room here. You've got to go look for your self.

Just look at these Cute Crocheted Toys for Pets, Babies, Kids and Even Adults. Check out the Food! Breakfast, Burgers and Apple Slices.

I love so many of the Animals I could not possibly choose my favorite. I do really love this Penguin though. And you have to see the Elephants!

Lovingly Hand crocheted with Wool you will find toys, baby rattles, pet chewies and huggable little friends.

Stop by and Visit my friend if you just want to put a smile on your face. Take one home if you want the smile to last forever.


Pili said...

That penguin is absolutely amazing!! And I love the watermelon slices and the crab! Such a cute shop!!

Elisa said...

Love that shop! Unique and amazing. I'll take an order of eggs and toast!

vintage eye said...

seventytwostitches has long been a favorite shop of mine. I have to say the elephants have stolen my heart!

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