Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cinders' Got a Brand New Bag

I love this new Purse I made, or more like a Sac à main. It is HUGE and so very me. It's slouchy, and so Provençal. It makes me want to buy a pair of espadrilles and sit down with a tall panaché.

I wanted a new purse, something that no one else had, and uniquely me. I'm so tired of all the bags in the stores, no personality and their price is so ridiculous. I found this Fabulous Fabric at my local WalMart. Very reasonable and stain resistant light upholstery fabric. I had the perfect coordinating striped fabric lying around the house.

It took me over a month to decide the shape of my bag. I looked at everything out there and patterns too. I wanted a big bag with lots of pockets, but a rectangular tote wasn't quite right. I liked the rounded look, but I wanted big, something I could carry everything I had and small shopping items too.

So without a pattern and with a dream I started cutting. I made a few mistakes, but mostly they turned out to be happy accidents.

My bag has 4 large outside pockets a spacious inside with a nice sized inside pocket. I have enough left to make a matching make up bag too. J'adore. I think I want to sleep with it.

All I need is to find a snap closure and I'm good to go. I'll be filling her soon. I hope she stays around for a good long time.


autumnkitty said...

Wow, that bag is so gorgeous! Looks very functional, spacious, & so unique. I'd love to have a cupcake one like that! It would be so cute! :)

vintage eye said...

Do I see a new bag style being offered for sale at an online store near me?? Love it!

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