Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sharing Time - Ever Have One of These Buyers?

So I gave you the opportunity to be a guest blogger and no one volunteered so You get to here from me again. If you would like me to shut up for at least ONE day of the week, you can be my Guest Blogger. Find out More by clicking the Guest Blogger Tab or by clicking HERE

Now for my two cents. On Monday I shared a nightmare of a Buyer story. I'm sure many of you have had worse, because I have too. Today I'm sharing the other kind,not the buyer from HELL, but the buyer from the OTHER place. I received this message yesterday, from a buyer who a gave a little break in pricing to.

Hi Cinders

Just wanted to let you know I received the apron and it is great! You did a wonderful job making it. It is going to be given to my son by the 8 year old son of his fiance for Father's day. My son and his fiance are going to be married in August and after that my son is going to adopt her son. The proposal was during a Star Wars game and her son was in on the plan, so the Star Wars theme is PERFECT. Thanks for taking our Best Offer because he wanted to be able to afford to buy it!

The apron is awesome, thanks again!


Pili said...

Hopefully the good customers out weight the bad ones!

waterwaif said...

love that story!

Annie said...

That's so nice to hear!

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