Monday, July 25, 2011

Life on Mars - Yard Sale

No this is not the aftermath of a Yard Sale. Someone who I won't mention sometimes doesn't get her medication right and she thinks she knows how to clean, then halfway through, she gets fed up and quits. Usually this happens in her own house, but this week she decided to clean out that Old Outhouse that they use as a shed.

The sidewalk you see in front leads to our house. That is the entrance we use most often. We never invite friends and you can guess why. Well other than our bathroom is really scary. We are going to put in a new one very soon. We rent, but from family.

It's even worse out there now, because it rained so everything that was in the buckets has been scattered all over the lawn to get the water out of the buckets. I really have no idea how long it will all sit there. There are 3 adults that live in that house that don't work. Two of them are able bodied but lets say, lackadaisical. That's a nice word for lazy. The crap will probably sit outside our door until Poppy's DH gets sick of it and picks it all up. He is the only one that has a job in that house.

It's been this way for almost a week now. What really amazes me is that she continues to crawl over all the junk to hang her laundry every day. It's almost like she doesn't even notice it. I wonder how they'll all feel if Poppy falls trying to walk to the house and hurts herself or the baby?

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Pili said...

Wow, that really is crazy!

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